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GAL Enterprises

Serving People with Different Abilities

Our Mission

Relationship and a sense of place and identity are at the heart of our mission.

GAL Enterprises partners with adults with intellectual disabilities and their families, friends and loved ones to build and maintain a life full of opportunity, meaning, fun and learning so that they may remain active, contributing and valued tenants, home owners, neighbors, employees and friends in their homes and communities.

We succeed by earning the satisfaction of all our partners and stakeholders and respect the trust of those who govern us, partner with us and walk with us in relationship.

We are committed to teaching and empowering individuals to make their own choices and experience life’s diverse possibilities.

GAL ENTERPRISES specializes in developing and maintaining Educational Services that are specific to Adaptive Skill Development, Social Skill Development and Behavior Management Training that are structured to meet each person’s individual training needs and wants in achieving our mission.

Our Team Approach

We offer a team approach that incorporates two Administrators and a Case Manager and elite Mentors that offer a one-on-one learning framework with each client they coach and all become part of the larger circle of support to that person.

Competency development is the key to Independence.

They will serve as a life mentor, teacher and friend to that person and use multiple teaching strategies to promote understanding and participation in some of the following adaptive skills:


  • SELF CARE: bathing, dressing, grooming, diet, healthy options
  • SELF DIRECTION: Exercising choice, problem solving, initiating & planning activities
  • HOME LIVING SKILLS: Cooking, housekeeping, laundry, maintaining a home and sharing space
  • BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT SKILLS: Utilizing positive behavioral support strategies & routines
  • FUNCTIONAL ACADEMICS: Using reading, writing, math, budgeting/banking and listening skills

Interpersonal Relationships

  • COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP SKILLS: Shopping, transportation, using resources, friendship
  • HEALTH & SAFETY SKILLS: In the home and Community, interfacing with Doctors and Pharmacy
  • LEISURE & RECREATIONAL SKILLS: Building community through meaningful participation
  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Understanding relationships, emotions, social cues, conflict, feelings
  • COMMUNICATION: Understanding verbal and non-verbal language, using adaptive aids

Community life then becomes a valuable system of self-sufficient community maintenance, truly empowering people to flourish.

People can choose to live with paid staff or peer roommates. Each model offers solutions that promote partnership, affordability, friendship and at times patience and understanding in sharing a home together.

  • Our Commitment

    We are committed to supporting people with intellectual disabilities to become and remain active, contributing and valued participants in their communities.

  • Our Belief

    We believe that people with Intellectual Disabilities should have a choice in the type of support services they require, some people may choose to live with a peer roommate, or opt for a staff roommate or choose to receive support in a learning environment.